In Be.Ta we design and manufacture pressure vessels, mainly used in the oil & gas sector, as well as in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. This is completed by an entire range of products with special features, accessories and operation aids.
Kodrum: The knockout drum oil separator separates the liquid from the vapour, protecting the vapour cooling and the compressor from the water. Generally, the separator must work independently of the volume of vapour in the tank and be highly reliable to prevent the flow of liquid into the compressor that would interrupt its operation.
Lube oil tank: this tank allows an efficient and safe mass storage of any liquid or lubricant. They are available in various shapes and capacities of containment and built according to all regulations and laws in force
Air tank: Air tanks in carbon steel of various sizes and destinations. We produce vertical tanks, fixed tanks, wheeled tanks, naked tanks and according to directives and customer needs.
Open drain tank: Open waste tanks for water and liquid storage. Available in stainless steel and AC of various sizes.
Pulsation damper: an essential tool in positive displacement implants. Positive displacement pump systems typically produce pulsating flows that generate pressure peaks that could cause damage to the piping system. This requires a pulsation dumper.