BE.TA Srl is specialised in the production of skids, modular and autonomous systems that to support and assist the operation of a main and more complex system.
The Skid, a mobile element, offers the advantage of being able to pass a test before transport and use at the destination without interrupting the production cycle and integrating with the main plant quickly and efficiently.
Mobility and accessibility are two other essential characteristics of a quality system. The platform on which the Skid is mounted is extremely important, as it must be structurally solid and allow for easy and safe transportation once assembled. We always create platforms designed for each individual Skid according to the intended use.
Among the various types of skids we also offer: skids for the chemical industry, skids for the food industry and process skids, certified DNV-GL for use at sea.
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Water treatment Package
DNV 2.7.1 / PED / ASME B31.3 certified
Sharp Project UK

Fuel Gas Skid Valves
ASME B31.3 certified
Petrochemical Complex In South of Vietnam
Hyunday CO. LTD
Foster Wheeler