BE.TA is highly specialised in the production and installation of steam generators for the medium and low-pressure industry.
Our liquid fuel steam generators are highly efficient and require minimal maintenance. In any case, we offer professional and timely assistance in the event of problems and malfunctions.
Here are the series we manufacture:
GPV-MP SERIES – Medium pressure steam generator
SP Type: semi-pressurised combustion
PR Type: pressurised combustion
The GPV STEAM GENERATORS are supplied complete with all the equipment necessary for automatic operation and with a minimum level control probe with manual reset.
Construction Features
• Total absence of tie rods.
• Thicker tube plates with holes with grooves for increased robustness and spindle hold.
• Cylindrical plating with manhole and autoclave closure.
• Refractory-free cylindrical combustion chamber made of thick sheet metal with a wet convex bottom.
• Easy and quick opening door (on both sides) with reversing chamber incorporated in a high alumina refractory crusher, well shielded by the underlying layers of rock wool.
• Fully insulated generator body with thick rockwool mats, closed by sheet metal panels, in a parallelepiped shape.
• Smoke exhaust box equipped with inspection door.

GPV-BP SERIES – Low pressure steam generator
SP Type: semi-pressurised combustion
PR Type: pressurised combustion
• Steam outlet equipped with centrifugal dryer.
• Stamp pressure 1 Ate: exemption from the obligation of the licensed conductor up to a maximum steam production of 2 t/h.
• Three rounds of smoke.
• Combustion chamber with flame reversal: excellent combustion and high heat exchange.
• Tube bundle without turbulators in the semi-pressurized type.
• Tube bundle with helical turbulators in thermal stainless steel in the pressurized type.
• Result: TPV generators have the following characteristics:
o total absence of unburnt and condensation
o low Bacharach index
o high percentage of CO2 in the fumes
o high efficiency