BE.TA is highly specialised in the construction and installation of solid fuel and biomass steam generators.

Steam generators can generally also function as hot and superheated water generators. Our generators, in particular, are low and medium pressure and can be supplied with chips or with naphtha and diesel.

Specifically, here are the technical features of our CTV 3g series model

The CTA boiler 3G series is a hot water generator suitable for the combustion of wood chips.
The CTA 3G series boiler can also be supplied in the version prepared for mixed combustion: chip, oil or diesel fuel up to the maximum rated power.

The CTV 3G series boiler is a low and medium pressure steam generator with the same functional and construction characteristics as the CTA 3G series boilers.


Steam outlet equipped with centrifugal dryer.
For low pressure steam generators (stamp pressure 1 Ate): exemption from the obligation of the licensed conductor up to a maximum steam production of 2 t/h.
The CTS 3G series boiler is a low and medium pressure superheated water generator that is built in the same types of power and with the same functional and construction characteristics as the CTA 3G series and CTV 3G series generators.

Functional Features
• The energy crisis has once again highlighted the importance of using renewable fuels, in particular wood, with modern technologies both from the point of view of the automaticity of the combustion equipment and the performance with high yields.
• In the CTA 3G series boiler, the needs and problems described above have been addressed and solved with modern criteria and the optimisation of combustion and energy balance.
• In this type of boiler, not only is combustion started and kept under control, but a combustion chamber has been created with a cast iron grate with suitably proportioned air passages and with such a shape and size as to make it possible to burn the chips in air suspension for a large part of their trajectory.
• It is introduced into the firebox through the blowing mouth in order to start and complete the combustion in suspension of air of the finest dust and particles. Only the largest chips burn completely in the bed of the furnace.
• This specific characteristic of the combustion process is due both to the generous size of the firebox, to the recovery of the blowing air and dust from the cyclone, which is fed through an intake manifold placed under the grate, and to the correct design of the refractory thermal cradle, the grate and its altar.
• To meet the most varied needs of users, the CTA 3G Series boiler, thanks to the functional features of the electrical panel, can be used in different operating conditions:
o Automatic operation, guided by the pilot burner with the help of circuits and protection and control equipment, with various modes of intervention according to specific service requirements.
o Manual operation, with the possibility of group operation or independent operation of the various devices of the combustion system, including the possibility of manual ignition.